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TA Instruments Q5000 IR Thermogravimetric Analyzer



measures weight changes in a material as a function of temperature (or time) under a controlled atmosphere. Its principal uses include measurement of a material's thermal stability and composition.


Instrument Capabilities


Weighing Accuracy ±0.1%
Weighing Precision ±0.01%
Sensitivity <0.1 µg
Baseline Dynamic Drift <10 µg
Signal Resolution 0.01 µg
Furnace Heating Infrared
Temperature Range Ambient to 1200°C
Isothermal Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Linear Heating Rate (°C/min) 0.1 to 500
Furnace Cooling (Forced Air/N2) 1200 to 35°C <10 min
Vacuum 10-2 torr
Temperature Calibration Electromagnetic Coil
Autosampler 25 Position Included
Hi-Res TGA Included
Auto Stepwise TGA Included
Modulated TGA Included
Evolved Gas Analysis Furnace (EGA) Included
TGA/FTIR Operation Option
Digital Mass Flow Controllers (Two) Included
Gass Switching Accessory (GSA) Included