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Green Lab Initiative   


The Jens Molecular and Nanoscale Analysis Laboratory is housed in Brauer Hall, on the

 Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.  Brauer Hall was the second building

 on the Danforth Campus to receive Gold LEED certification. Among the features that helped the

 building earn the LEED rating are:


  • Smartboard, interactive LCD displays for real-time energy use data
  • Stormwater harvesting in underground storage tanks. collected water is reused
  • 8 solar panels -64KW
  • Wind turbine on roof
  • Solar water heater integrated into building hot water system
  • Use of several recycled materials (e.g., used blue jeans for insulation
  • Lighting sensors and auto-intensity adjustments
  • Auto-demand response systems for energy efficiency


What are we doing in the EECE department as individuals to

reduce our carbon footprint ?


  • Take the Sustainability Pledge

  • Recycling

  • Members of the Sustainability Awareness Committee (SAC)

  • Student Green Council

  • WUStL Graduate Student Energy Group (WUGrEEN)

  • Engineers Without Borders – Engineering World Health




Sustainability at WUSTL

EECE Building Dashboard  Live  web site

AAQRL Solar Panel Studies

Solar Energy & WUSTL Campus

Tyson Research Center Solar panels


The Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering Department is committed to reducing the

 impact it and others have on the environment through our operational and research initiatives.

The department is engaged in world-class sustainability research through our international

 partnerships that flourish under:


  • I-CARES ~ The International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • MAGEEP ~ McDonnell Academy Global Energy & Environment Partnership
  • NRF ~ Nano Research Facility
  • CAPITA ~ Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis
  • PARC ~ Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center
  • CCCU ~ Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization
  • Our state-of-the-art distance-education classroom
  • Department research laboratories that allow students to monitor energy and environmental data, and test state-of-the-art energy efficiency devices

Through these and other efforts, University students, faculty, and staff will generate new knowledge to enhance human life and improve our planet. In addition, we have launched educational efforts across campus to teach about critical environmental and sustainability issues. Course work throughout all of our schools addresses an assortment of sustainability issues ranging from our undergraduate degree program in environmental studies in Arts & Sciences to the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic housed in the School of Law.






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