Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science

Getting Started


If you would like to arrange for training to use an instrument in our shared facility, please follow these steps.


Create Your User Account

1) Go to the website=





2) Set up your own account, if you do not already have one.

3) Once you are an authorized user, you will be able to request training on the EECE instrumentation

4)Once you are trained and have been authorized to use the instrumentation on your own, you may make reservations and run samples.

Instrument Use

17)  Every time you begin an analysis on an instrument in the Jens lab, you must

       go onto the FOM website and log onto your registered time reservation with

       your Start Time.

18)  Then you must also fill out the log book for that instrument.

19)  At the end of your run, go to the FOM website and log in your End Time.




When using the Jens Lab, please remember the following:


  •  Always be respectful of others who use the lab. Clean up the area you use before you leave!
  •  All WUSTL safety policies and lab specific safety policies MUST be followed at all times!
  • Follow all Instrument protocols and have all sample matrices pre-approved per instrument!
  • Wear appropriate PPE when handling samples, reagents and chemicals which include:
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Lab Coat.
  • Remove & Throw away gloves before touching any keyboard or computer
  • Remove & Throw away gloves before touching a door handle, and leaving the lab
  • Keep samples, reagents and chemicals in appropriate areas only!  NOT in the "NO GLOVE" areas near computers, printers and paperwork areas.