Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science


Personal Protective Equipment

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment protection is required while working in the laboratory


Eye Protection

At a minimum, eye protection shall consist of plastic safety glasses with full size side shields or prescription safety glasses. Safety glasses shall be worn when working in:

  • chemical handling operations
  • laboratory areas (please consult chemical hygiene plan for each laboratory for further details).

Foot Protection

Clogs, open-toed shoes, sandals and cloth shoes do not provide protection against spilled chemicals and can NOT be worn in laboratories.


Hand Protection

Appropriate hand protection (i.e. gloves) shall be used when handling hazardous chemicals, toxic materials, materials of unknown toxicity, corrosive or caustic materials. Gloves can not be worn outside the lab. Remove and throw them away before leaving the lab.


Protective Clothing

Lab coats should be worn when working with hazardous materials especially if there is the possibility of a splash hazard.

EH&S does NOT allow shorts or skirts to be worn in the lab



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