Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science

Labeling containers in the LAB


All Containers (including samples, reagents, chemicals)

MUST be labeled with the following info:


  • Full chemical name   (Ethanol, not EtOH).

             In lieu of labeling each container, a list of common abbreviations can be posted in the lab, and in the Blue Book.


  • Concentration

            List the concentration as % weight/weight,  % volume/volume, ppb, ug/L, etc.


  • Your Full Name and the date


                                              Example:   5% Nitric Acid

                                                                  Corrosive Acid                                

                                                                  Patty Wurm 07-21-10  

Hazard Class   (Flammable, Corrosive, Carcinogen)

             The hazard class may be written on the bottle, a color code system or the NFPA diamond stickers may be used.   

             If you are using a unique code system, post the code key chart in the laboratory near phones, exits and in the Blue Book.

Target Organ Information

              In lieu of labeling target organ information on each container, labs may post signs in their lab stating

                             See original label or MSDS for target organ information.”