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Model = Autosorb-1C         Quantichrome Inc.


Surface Area, Pore Size and Chemisorption Capabilities


 The Autosorb-1 operates by measuring the quantity of gas adsorbed onto or desorbed from a solid surface at some equilibrium vapor pressure by the static volumetric method. The data are obtained by admitting or removing a known quantity of adsorbate gas into or out of a sample cell containing the solid adsorbent maintained at a constant temperature below the critical temperature of the adsorbate. As adsorption or desorption occurs the pressure in the sample cell changes until equilibrium is established. The quantity of gas adsorbed or desorbed at the equilibrium pressure is the difference between the amount of gas admitted or removed and the amount required to fill the space around the adsorbent (void space)
The AUTOSORB-1 has the capability of measuring adsorbed or desorbed volumes on nitrogen at relative pressures in the range 0.007 to slightly under 1.0. When the krypton and micropore options are added, the lower limit is extended to 1x10-6 and data points can be requested at 1x10-7. This volume-pressure data can be reduced by the AUTOSORB-1 software into BET surface area (single and/or multipoint), Langmuir surface area, adsorption and/or desorption isotherms, pore size and surface area distributions, micropore volume and surface area using an extensive set of built-in data reduction procedures.

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